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Chatsbrook x Virtuosi Racing

Chatsbrook is thrilled to announce its incredibly exciting new collaborations with Virtuosi Racing.

Chatsbrook and Virtuosi, both originating from Norfolk, have a strong commitment to the British Motor Sector and Motor Racing, deeply rooted in their shared heritage. Through our dedicated teams, we are relentless in our pursuit of incremental improvements that lead to a competitive advantage. This drive is supported by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the industry to secure benefits, fostering a robust team ethos, and promoting partnerships. Virtuosi’s efforts in consistently aiming for excellence have helped them build outstanding brand reputations.

Virtuosi took over the running of the Russian Time team in 2014, with which it won the FIA Formula 2 (formerly GP2) Teams’ Championship in 2017, before taking the squad in-house and forming UNI-Virtuosi Racing for the start of the 2019 season. UNI-Virtuosi Racing finished second in the F2 Teams’ Championship in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 seasons.

In 2024, Virtuosi Racing embarks on its third season in the FIA British Formula 4 Championship.

Also based in Attleborough*, Norfolk, Virtuosi is one of the most successful junior single-seater teams in history, spanning over three decades of competition.

The team has run in various forms and under different names since the early 1990s and has competed with a range of drivers who have gone on to win Formula 1 races and various championships throughout motorsport.

It is well known within the motorsport community and ran the Russian Time team in FIA Formula 2, winning the inaugural FIA Formula 2 Teams’ Championship in 2017, before taking the squad in-house in 2019 and achieving three consecutive runners-up finishes in the F2 Teams’ Championship from 2019-2021.

From 2022, the team has been working to emulate that success in the FIA British Formula 4 Championship, making the decision to join the series after it was announced that its running would be taken over by British motorsport governing body Motorsport UK.

*Whilst Attleborough is noted for its cider making and turkeys, of significant relevance is its proximity to the famous Snetterton motor-racing circuit.

Chatsbrook is situated at Ketteringham Hall, a historic site established in 1066 and constructed in the 15th century. This hall became the headquarters for Group Lotus when Colin Chapman, its founder, acquired the estate in 1970. It served as the development hub for Formula 1 cars until Team Lotus ceased operations in 1994, although the Lotus factory remains nearby in the vicinity of Hethel village.

The founder of Chatsbrook has roots in Land Rover, a former stronghold of British automobile manufacturing. The company’s dedication to the Defender model showcases its deep connection and commitment to the UK’s motor sector, reflecting a heritage steeped in the nation’s automotive history.

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